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Being a blogger we get a chance to try new products,sometimes they turn out to be great and sometime just disappointment.Last month i got a chance to try natural paraben and preservative free products from a new brand Conatural.I received their famous glow mask,radiance oil and whitening cream.I didn't feel like to write a  review in haste so it took me whole one month to compile my thoughts on these.So lets start

About Co natural 

Stay beautiful with chemical free products from CONATURAL,with ingredients sourced from all over the world to give your skin and hair the care it deserves!

Co Natural Instant Glow face mash and Radiance Oil

It was a surprise for me as  i was only expecting the mask,the radiance oil was a treat for me to add and mix with the face pack.If you are a desi person like me you can easily relate this oil with the one that comes with the ubtan which gives instant results to face.The packaging is nice,compact and light weight.The product was packed in foil to ensure the freshness as you can see in the pictures below.Mask is in granulated powder form with strong organic smell and had to be mixed according to given instructions with radiance oil and yougart. Radiance oil comes in a handy small dropper bottle and only few drops are to be added in the making of pack.Being having oily/combo skin which becomes normal/dry in winters i skipped the yoghourt part( it may cause breakout)and added rose water to make the paste as instructed on the label.
I am using this mask and i have to admit that this is really good in giving glow and softness to my dull face in winters.The radiance oil adds extra sugar to this mask as it is a unique blend and acts like a hydrating agent on skin.But i have not  notice any cleansing or tightening of my skin with this product,so it  is good for glowy purpose only.Radiance oil is multi purpose can be use in scrubs or ubtan.

Co Natural Advanced super revitalize whitening cream

Again a 100% natural creme free with parabens,tricloson and petroleum jelly, this cream was sure an attraction to me.Again handy smart packaging covered with foil to ensure the freshness of cream,this product can be a  nightmare for oily skin as it is extremely moisturizing but luckily i got this one in winters and these days my skin is dry/normal but still i use this in night time only to ensure baby soft skin in morning.At first it feels lil sticky on skin due to moisturizing part but after it becomes fine and settle.Sadly it didn't do any thing with whitening or clearing of my skin so overall i am just considering it to be a good moisturizer but yes only in winters due to oily nature of my skin.

Final Verdict

Products are good but prices are steep.If you love natural products then give them a shot.

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Price and Availability

 Available here on website
Glow mask Rs 1500
Radiance oil Rs 900
Whitening cream Rs 2000
Gracias for reading
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  1. For how long have you used the face mask with oil?

  2. never heard about this product but it seems really good :)

  3. For that price I'd rather go for TBS. Thanks for the review :)

  4. Shafaq... it's too bad when a product does not live up to what it advertises... great honest review ♡

  5. i totally love natural products, i must try it
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  6. What an honest review! Thanks Shafaq. xx

  7. Thier mask and cream looks a fail product for me cause of my oily/combo skin and that sticky part in cream is my worst nightmare so iam passing through these but that oil caught my attention :) Love your honest review :) Keep it up :)

  8. Now a days i am totally in love with natural products.
    Nice review :)

  9. Great review shafaq. I have a combination skin and this might not work for me well.

  10. Great honest review, will sure help other pick wisely :)

  11. I really want to try this brand out! Thank you for a sincere review! :) x

    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  12. I would definitely love to try the radiance oil. Do check out my latest post.



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