Hidden Benefits of Baking soda

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Most of us believe that baking soda is only ingredient used for cooking, or  helps to keep our refrigerators odor-free, but baking soda is surprisingly good for your health and home, too!
Baking soda being super cheap is the top cleaning agent in our kitchens.We must have used it from opening clogged drain to cleaning of utensils but today's post is about what magic baking soda can do to your body.

Baking soda is known as nahcolite, which is part of the natural mineral natron. Natron contains large amounts of sodium bicarbonate and has been used since ancient times as a deo, soother and cleanser.

Top uses of baking soda in hair & skin care 


Baking soda is THE best exfoliator, combine some with rose water or simple water to make thick paste,this mixture is believe to dry the pimples in no time.Trust me this statement is coming from a person having acne issues all the time.The day i switched to this baking soda face wash I  never looked back at any other facial foam.My skin is clearer and smooth than ever.

2.Feet smoother

Baking soda is known as feet smoother as well.Dip your feet in luke warm water having tablespoon of baking soda and say bye bye to all the dead skin.

3.Teeth whitener

Are you coffee/Tea addict like me?give baking soda a shot then and get amaze by the results.Pour some baking soda on tooth brush and brush as usual .All the yellowness will be gone in no time.

4.Hair cleanser 

Add some baking powder to your regular shampoo and rinse off with water.It will remove all the oily residue from roots and will leave them oil free for days.

Do let me know how you use Baking soda in hair and skin care.

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